Once in a while

“Once in a while along comes something to make you sit up and take notice.

Not your run-of-the-mill Mistress, Satine uses Her keen sense of occasion and Her experience of the psychology of the sub/Domme world to extract the true desires of Her slaves.

Never has anyone managed to fulfill my fantasies to this extent before.

A truly caring and intuitive Domme who takes the time to make your experience one that you will remember.

You will return and develop with Her and find the elation of your experience in Her care growing with each visit.

She gets inside your head and stays there”

slave brian 22/3/05


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About Me

I  was born at a very early age! I have , in My life since then, experienced just about every strange and unusual request. Some of which I  has granted, some of which have given Me nightmares! So never fear if you consider your needs to be different or odd, it is

unlikely that no one else has ever asked for them.

I  have been involved in the scene, both in lifestyle and in play, for some years now,
My philosophy is simple. I believe that only with a good understanding between Mistress and slave can a satisfactory session take place. That is the reason why I will always talk, out of scene, before I enter a session. But rest assured once we enter My world then you will be MINE.

I  am in My 20’s, slim, 5ft5 in My stockinged feet (just think about that for a minute), beautiful, intelligent, charming (and big headed!!) and have a wicked sense of humour, which I believe to be an absolute essential.

I appreciate the finer things in life, even more so when you bring them to Me.

Of course, all of the above may be totally untrue, so now you will have to come and see Me just to find out for yourself.

Love from Your Mistress Satine X